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A Software Engineer A Pragmatic Clean Coder An Innovative IT Coach

Building a successful software product is a challenge. Throughout working for several companies worldwide, I gained expertise in how to overcome it.

I am highly energetic in Android development with team-based collaboration.

Vahid Moradi Programming

Things I have developed throughout recent years



Senior Android DeveloperEmbargo App

● Added new features such as online ordering using Stripe's official payment processing, benchmarked, profiled, and fixed bugs
● Provided beacon’s NFC and Bluetooth detector in the app to collect stamps with a user-friendly interface
● Refactored from MVP architecture to MVI to increase test capability


Senior Android EngineerPart Software Group

● Developed and published a banking application (Cup) and the most famous financial service application (Signal) in Iran.
● Managed a process re-engineering project to improve and consolidate end-to-end service processes
● To promote colleagues' knowledge, held code review meetings.
● Management of complex projects using Agile methodology.
● Used the Unit test, Ui test, and tools like Spotless library and KtLint to enhance the quality of code
● To hire new android developers, and taught 40+ students based on company strategies.
● 5+ projects refactored into multi-module structures to improve build speed and performance.


Android lecturerSadjad University

● Trained the university students to learn Android programming basics and Git.


Senior Android DeveloperGolrang System

● Eliminated security flaws from the 3+ Android projects
● Used Meta-programming methods to increase the speed of developments
● Made custom geographic maps and offline routing to enhance the application user experience
● Created 5+ applications with a large number of customers in the fields of online ordering, grocery delivery service, purchasing mobile phone credit, hospitality and loyalty apps.


Android DeveloperBliksund As

● Developed a medical application using Java, RxJava, and Cloud synchronizing.
● Find out app crashes by making a Java crash report library.


Android DeveloperPTC (Pishtazan Tose-e Kamran)

● The first use of the Scrum methodology to manage a responsive form builder project for shop retailers.
● Migrating from the service locator dependency injection to Dagger leads to better unit testing.


Software DeveloperViam

● Used Android Reverse Engineering to build a native Android applications builder website.
● Designed a New CMS with PHP, Profiling Mysql Database, and Jquery as a Full-stack role.


Junior Software DeveloperArtan Web Creators

● Deployed the first sports Android application in Iran written in Java language using Eclipse IDE.
● Designed a custom CMS with PHP, Profiling huge ORM and ODM databases, Json, Jquery, Html, and CSS as a Full-stack role.


Junior Frontend DeveloperAndisheh Sazan

● Using Eclipse IDE, an Android application written with Java language to use as a notices portal.
● Ran 2+ websites using PhpNuke, and WordPress frameworks.


2014 2009

Bachelor's degreeSadjad University, Mashhad, Iran

Graduated in the field of Information Technology

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